When it comes to travel inspiration, social media platforms like Instagram, which rely heavily on visual imagery, play a huge role. For avid travelers like myself, Instagram photo feeds can inspire a trip, as well as help me research and plan future trips.

Travelers no longer rely on outdated guidebooks compiled by ‘experts’ when choosing where to spend their next vacation. For people like me, who have wanderlust, who are passionate about travel, Instagram photos are immensely compelling. Having real-time access to stunning visuals from all corners of the globe has changed how I approach all aspects of trip planning — from the initial inspiration stage to picking a destination and booking flights.

These are my favorite Instagram users to follow when I feel the urge to travel and find myself fantasizing about the places I’ll go. Feast your eyes on these feeds:

  1. Passion Passport (@passionpassport)

    Passion Passport’s Instagram feed showcases the striking beauty of our planet’s natural landscapes. The feed showcases photos submitted by Passion Passport’s community of world explorers and storytellers from around the globe.

  2. Airbnb (@airbnb)

    Airbnb blends user-generated content and influencer photos to comprise an Instafeed featuring playful captions and imagery from an eclectic array of destinations. Airbnb describes its photo feed as “a platform where we create and curate wonder and awe through storytelling that is rooted in humanity.” The company pairs interior shots of rentals with more traditional travel photos and the result is eye candy for interior design aficionados and scenery lovers alike.

  3. Martina Gebarovska (@dreamingandwandering)

    Martina Gebarovska, a photographer and self-described adventuress, knows how to capture light. Her Instagram feed features a variety of interesting shots that show light in all its qualities and environments.

  4. Nilüfer Yıldırım (@nilufer_yildirim_)

    Nilüfer Yıldırım’s Instagram feed shows off her exquisite understanding of geometry, shapes, and composition. This feed is less about curating scenery porn and more about blending a mix of interior and exterior shots that above all, are interesting and conceptual.

  5. U.S. Dept of Interior (@usinterior)

    Despite its domestic confines, the U.S. Department of Interior never fails to surprise me with high-quality travel photos of beautiful sights you can visit right here in the U.S. The Department’s thematic pictures are pleasing to the eye and soul, such as this shot pictured above, which was posted in observance of Valentine’s Day.