Praveen Kailas, an expert in construction and home energy efficiency, credits much of his knowledge to his extensive travels. Over the years he’s explored the United States coast-to-coast, visiting states such as New York, California, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, and Texas. He has also been to numerous European countries and has fond memories of trips to France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Additionally, Praveen has spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and the Middle East, observing how people live and what the norms are in different cultures. Praveen has gone to India every few years since he was just a toddler, and he’s fascinated by how much the country has changed over time.


One of Praveen’s most influential travel experiences was when he had the chance to study abroad in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France, taking many side journeys to other cities and bordering countries along the way. After this life-changing experience, Praveen knew he wanted to continue visiting more countries and expanding his worldly knowledge. Now Praveen primarily travels with his family and he enjoys sharing his experiences with others.

Goa, India

Recently Praveen visited Goa, a state in Western India, and he considers this trip one of his most memorable. Goa was originally a Portuguese province and there is still a lot of Portuguese influence in the area, making it a truly unique and multicultural area to explore. Praveen is extremely interested in the methods of construction in different countries, as well as energy efficiency, both of which vary greatly from country to country.

Praveen also uses travel as a way to understand the rich histories behind countries; he likes to visit historical landmarks and visit museums. The last time he visited Egypt, he visited the country’s many artifacts and explored its Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, which contained some of the most important remnants of the Egypt’s Pharaonic history. This was prior to the Revolution of 2011, during which time some of the museum was damaged, and he hopes to return to the Museum someday now that it has been restored.

In the future Praveen hopes to explore more Asian countries, including China, Japan, and Singapore. He also would like to vacation in the Fiji Islands and the Maldives because he enjoys scenic areas with a slower paced, relaxed atmosphere. He continues to grow his experience as a traveler and cultivate a more well-rounded and global perspective.